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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Horse People Versus Horse's Person

Horse Person versus The Horse's Person

By Angel Cher
(For Try)

Someone once said:
"That horse is better than a trail horse."

But that horse was mine for half His life -He will be twelve in April on the 14th.

It came to me there is a difference between "Horse People" and a Horse's Person.
Because I loved him just as He was unconditionally.

I wanted His life to be simply beautiful trails and easy exercise for the rest of His days, it was my only dream and vision for Him. He was so Golden to me, there are just no words.

A "Horse Person" is all about the sport and what the horse can do for them or how much money they can make off or for them - hence the reason for maintaining their health.

A Horse's Person is all about the horse's health and well being - And they won't risk it for anything in the world - not for money or sport.

The horse doesn't need to be an acrobat and pivot, dance, stop short, run like hell, get exhausted, pour sweat, jump or get lame over and over again, None of this which destroys their legs and feet while the horse people wait and wait on a farrier.
I mean I feel sorry for work horses but they live out west
and are properly conditioned and everyone's a farrier.

A "Horse Person"
Is the one in the spotlight trying to win any way they can.

A "Horse's Person"
is the one on the trail telling their horse:  "This is how much I love you, all this is for you. you don't need to be anything more for Me."

I have been on both sides now and I have learned that people think they are horses,
they think they are the herd leader!
Anyone can trap something and make it perform-
That's not love - Love is asking and caring
for the horse.

Happy Trails Try Yahooty Blu
There's no words for how much I love You💔
You are in God's hands🙌🏼
some need angels that walk the ground
but You have angels that fly.
I wish I never let you go, I wish I could
have given you those trail rides...
I'm sorry I let you down.
You will always be with me.


~There was a time when cowboys respected their horses instead of riding them to death just to show off for a crowd.

~Tommy Lee