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Thursday, November 15, 2012

When Righteous You Will be Reconciled

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America, America... God Sheds His Tears On Thee

Question To America: (Land of the Free, Home of the brave, One nation under God.) So what if every American was Rich/Poor or Middle Class? How does that work exactly? How do we get there? (excluding Poor, of course. we want to help the poor-Nobody wants to be poor.) But How? How do we make the United States Fair to ALL Americans? Do You still want the Land of opportunity? Do you still want The Land of the Free? Do You still want "Under God?" Do you want to be Government run? Do You envision all of America as middle class Americans? Do You think We wont be a poor nation? Do You all want Americans to be 100% equal? Do you think We should all be rich? and how do you fore-see the Country running in this fashion? Do you know that if we were all rich it wouldn't work, If we were all middle class it would not work. think about it... and if we are not all rich, what are we middle class? Yes and how is that sustained? its NOT unless you can figure out a way. The middle class we become will define us POOR and reliant on the government to ration out evenly. If we were all poor the Government will own us period. Sounds lovely and lazy but the truth is... You have seen nothing until the government cannot afford no longer to take care of its people. I want the right to the American Dream. whats the sense of more money for college when the graduates are unknowingly simply aspiring to work in a clothing factory in the end. So what is the position of Our American Freedom? Our American land of opportunity? Do you see where America is going? Its being threatened to be ruled. 2 choices narrowed down to 1. we cannot all be rich- so we will all be poor, because there is no way we can all be middle class... So what remedy do you all want and wish for from the President? He will have no choice but to make us all stand in line for water and bread and all money will be the governments to afford us this luxury. Again, God Bless America. Foretold, was a story thats unfolding everyday and you all call it a fairy tale written by mere men and you believe that because you are without faith thats the excuse to dismiss what was written in what believer's call the Bible! > Hey America the fairy tale is coming true.... and what is has nothing to do with science, but the fairy tale you call it. woe to you who don't believe. start reading and believing in fairy tales because you will need to see reality soon before its too late. Science cannot save you from what is to come and what is unfolding before your eyes. ~Angel Cher In the world that Obama voters and Socialists would like to see to make our world perfect... an idealist view that is stemmed from emotion and no sense of consequences of such perfection. WHAT IF IN ATTEMPT TO PERFECT AMERICA IT FAILS: WHAT IF Everyone works and gives all Our money to the government. Sell your homes and all your worldly possessions, Give that also to the Government. Own nothing. Now ask (Yourself) and the government how they will ration out existing homes and needs and to build homes for the worlds poor. We all get free Health care. great, lets not forget to be generous to the 3rd world countries and our allies. ask the government to ration out meals - we can get it delivered by Peapod (no joke). Gas can be rationed, there will be no vacations. we can work but wages must go to government. If we don't make enough money because we are working for wages that are below the minimum because the government needs the corporations money too and NOBODY CARES anymore. Is that the kind of world You want for a once free United States Of America? How will we Unite? Why would we care? will selfishness and human temptation still exist, How will that be controlled? Will we be in Civil Wars? How will that be controlled? Will people die waiting on lines for medical care? How will that be controlled. will marital law come into play? and why would they care to enforce, why would they fight for our vulnerable Country filled with a meaningless existence. There is no incentive or benefit to any single American at all to have integrity or even care about the consequences. THIS WOULD NO LONGER BE CALLED AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE OR ONE NATION UNDER GOD.