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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Scary Truth About Deeds

The scary truth people will shun is: that either we profess faith and do no deeds or we do deeds but profess no faith. but a faithless deed is based only on self. so instead we that believe will pray for You. We that don't will do for You. But the faithful have shorted themselves and the unfaithful know no other reason they do but themselves. it simply equates to we the faithful and faithless have the wrong reasons at heart. For our spriritual beings in this physical world have no clue. So are we failing the test of time? Yes. The amazing part is people do and give but for the wrong reasons... If you give without God then you are giving for you and not for the <3 of God... That goes for the president, congress, the teachers right down to parents, family and friends. If their reason isn't God, what reason is it actually for? What good are deeds of the faithless? deeds that are pure because one knows they will please God. Not deeds attached with an I Owe You. Those deeds are then only for self gratification.

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