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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jesus Christ -2nd coming

Jesus Christ
(2nd Coming)

J= Jesus'
E= existence
S= spiritually
U= unifies
S= Souls

C= Common (Catholic or Christian)
H= hearts
R= rise
I= in
S= sacred
T= time

Angel Cher

Question on existence


If nothing exists beyond the natural universe ... If scientists by study have all the answers to creation... If we are just protons, neutrons and electrons (well, with the exceptional morons)~
Then why wont the scientists create an atmosphere of moral efficiency so that there is no need for evil in this world.

After all, They are smart atoms, neutrons and electrons:

Wrongdoing = guilt, forgiveness, apologies
Pain = prayer, support, friends and family
suffering and death of a loved one = helplessness, prayer (but to whom or what?)
A life = means nothing when it dies and ceases to exist for all eternity.

(Why have a heart that cares, cries, mourns, grieves and is lost without their loved one- But, oh a heart does'nt have feelings... its just a tiny pump in your chest to sustain life, but since we are soul-less where is that feeling coming from? that tremendous pain? since nothing can be supernatural in the atheists world... where do we get feelings from of pain, anger, laughter, fear, anxiety, mourning, love, desire, and even dreams?)
Smart little atoms, neutrons and electrons!!