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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of the Union Address


Obama's Statement:
"We can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well, while a growing number of Americans barely get by. Or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules."

MY REPLY: ALL IN ALL IT SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM STATEMENT... actually it is a dream but with consequences.
the way I see it He may as well say: Hey Rich give up anything you make over the middle class and share it with the middle class and the poor."
WELL THAT SOUNDS LIKE AN ULTIMATE DREAM RESOLUTION, But it cannot happen that way- not without ending the rich and corporations for good, leaving only a middle class and poor who could not survive other that at the ownership of a dictator to feed them bread, soup and water.
If He taxes the business's and corporations to high they will cut back they are barely making it, Many have gone bankrupt and closed their doors completely in this crisis. when they collapse

His Statement Is what the Americans want to hear: Why? because everyone wants to hear you are free and we are going to fix this so we are all equal. This would be wrong to do. I guess I realize I am more republican.
if business makes a profit they will be able to employ others (That is and always was a fact) when the only big man left standing is the government, who do you think will control the country?? but taxing right now is going to cut out jobs. has to businesses are having a hard time getting by along with everyone since the economic crisis.

Truth: We should be helping the rich and the corporations, we should be grateful to them they feed many of our people!! free... and not online for bread or welfare.

ask those on welfare how they feel?? just ask!!! they barely get by- picture a world where the whole United State is on Welfare because nobody can employ anyone!! not a good free world anymore!

NO they should not pay less than the middle class on taxes and those under $250,000.00 should not be taxed higher.

As well as its true that 14% is the rate wealthy pay in taxes being less than most of the middle class,
how to build a middle class?

"I say reduce everyones taxes and cut out some extravagant free programs where the tax paid is funneled instead of where it belongs to help the people, especially the ones working for a living because half the people who we afforded schooling have change thier direction so many times that they cannot start working because they want cake jobs, but all jobs are not cake jobs and they are waisting time and money changing their career choices while spending free time in school they can later not pay for.
we need to cut programs - not tax anyone anymore, not even the rich and leave the tax breaks so the businesses can survive who give the middle class jobs and charity. We need to not bankrupt the USA and maintain our freedom to help one another the way we have been only with less tax and correct applications of it.

the rich do pay for the poor, they also make this country free. without them the middle class and poor would not survive and would be at the mercy of the government."

PLUS yes: ban insider trading from members of congress, no elected official should own stock
congress does its business wrong.

all judicial and public service recieve a vote within 90 days
executive branch needs to change, government needs to be quicker at responding to our needs

lraq seal team took with them to get bin laden some democrats, some republicans, dont matter
it was the mission that mattered not politics or itself.

they pulled together,

they trusted each other, this was true.

need for democrats and republicans to work together

1/4 of millionaires pay less in taxes than millions of the middle class.
do we want to keep these tax cuts for them or use it for schooling and so forth,
But OK dont help the rich or corporations - sooner or later they will be bankrupt too and we will rely soley on an Obama.

everyone gets a fair shot and plays by same rules OK

stop a tax height.

OK: temporary tax break on 2% of millionaires.

work hard and you can support your family- growing number barely gets by- everyone plays by same set of rules, He is basically saying: we should all be equal, once we get there- we will become dependants of the government,
He knocks the business's then says they created so many jobs!! but lets tax them!! and make them equal, if we do make them equal, they will not have jobs for us!we sure will be equal. there will be no incentive or ability for them to further employ.

1st time in 9 years no americans fighting in IraQ Bin Laden not a threat! YAY.
good job.

all presidents have done some good and some bad if not they would be in trouble by the people.

But Obama is wrong about his opinion on the rich and the corporations and his idealistic ways of making us all equal- sure but the consequences of equality is no incentive, laziness and no hope.


students that are not american citizens, we need to make them legal immigrants,
wrong thing to do, He is double talking in the respect that he wants to make them legal but till then we are at the border, but He fails to see that they will always go home blood is richer than money.

OK: create jobs with Oil and gas in our country

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