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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MY WRITTEN PLAN, Addressing the State Of The Union Address.

My written plan to Address the State Of the Union Address:

The USA's biggest problem is the middle class and poor (No work, No Food)

1. Start with the government spending of course, FIx it!

2. The biggest corporations pay only 14% in taxes, which is less than millions of the middle class. not right, I agree.
They have too many loopholes currently -TRUE
(But currently to keep their corporations running without bankrupting them they need it as it stands.)
and currently we need their jobs and charities.
they dont need the bonuses to themselves etc, this is true.
NO BONUSES or capped lets say nothing over a placed limit!

3. (and most importantly) Everyone should be required big or little, rich or poor to pay a certain percentage in taxes period, no loopholes, no deductions, no accountants...
IDK lets say 25% everything else should
be our own losses-
after all healthcare resolution is already being implemented.
... the money gained in its truest form of taxation would cover the difference in healthcare for all, So we have to pay something -lets pay it.
Better that than to have the rest of our rights and life being taken over by the government.

Example: If you make $30,000 you pay $7,500.00 If you make $300,000.00 you pay $75,000.00 No deductions- take out the paperwork and expense and keep more money in the system, in this way the richest people would have paid in full their share for a more productive system that provides for us!
Cut out other fees.(Get rid of the woes of deductions and all the extra work and expense in its application.)

*Lets make it simple like Children!

EXAMPLE: When the first immigrants came they paid with a cow which we will call currency today for the purposes of evolution but it was fair law for owning your land.
Some churches ask tithings of 10% that was of our free will, if this worked how many poor in our community would be served- So lets do the same with taxation!

Answer: We dont want to be like the Soviet Union, Greece, Italy or Spain and we will too go bankrupt Just at a bigger and faster devestation, when you dont HAVE to do anything you are just lazy.

4. No further free schooling- we already pay thru grade 12, and guess what none of the schooling is free... stop calling it what it is NOT!

and greed is a BIG PROBLEM, nobody is happy with what they have- they want MORE!

The other thing is help those in need which most of us already do if we can... anyone in your circle that you have the means too.

The tax payers Pay for the food pantry- lets keep them since in any catastrophe
we are really only 9 meals away from a war.

As I said what do I know about Politics or how to change the world as we have come to far to revert back to where we were 50 plus years ago.
But I do know I dont want a dictatorship.

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