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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If the rich were gone?

I read a couple of phrases that stood out to me regarding the political agendas here.

1. The Obama plans: with all this rich stuff and taxes-

"What it will ‘start’ is discouraging capital from coming back into this country, further eroding our chances for job start-ups. And, any more revenue gleaned from over taxation of ‘rich’ people will be nullified by an over-all decrease in taxable revenues."

2. This which I really felt in sync with:
" Because the American people don’t want to be told that they’re going to have to sacrifice to fix our problems, they’d rather be told they can all be solved on the back of that awful entity “the rich.” Until we get beyond that, we’re not going to accomplish anything."

My thoughts are:

Seems the goal would be that we no longer want people who are corporations or rich to live in a civilization with the poor and middle class - if that were occomplished we may just let Obama run dictatorship and all get handed what they feel we deserve. I was poor, ate canned food while I raised an infant, worked waitressing double shifts on the week-ends, couldn't pay rent, cleaned my landlords home to cover some of my rent - yes I was in the dumps and sad and felt what kind of life will my child have... But I will tell you, I wasn't proud to be on welfare and thanks to car insurance , no-fault my back surgery money needed instead paid off welfare!
But I would rather work an honest dollar than ever have the government in any capacity give me a hand out- I certainly wouldn't advocate for a world without the rich who balance the economy on some measure and supply jobs and just hand over control to let's say Obama... Since the earliest days of our civilization there have been kings, land-owners, heirs to the wealthy and unfortunatelythere have been the poor as well. The only change without mass destruction would be a country run by dictatorship - the middle roads won't work.
It's true we would not want to hear that we need to sacrifice to restore this land of opportunity strucken with grief, poverty and hardship. 
But nobody should be anti rich, if the rich all left today... Where would that leave the poor and the middle class?
With nothing not even a job and nowhere to turn but to the ownership of the government, a cold place with no opportunity but to wake up and take your bread and water.


  1. While I don't like politics because it's just so over inflated I do feel strongly that what is wrong is the start of a worldwide disaster once we are all an even and equal people we will be run by the government because the have evened the scales to the point of bankrupting any and all opportunity.
    If there is no gain to be made then give up- well why don't we we all protest we are not happy and hand in our resignation to our government!
    Be glad you have the wealthy they keep you from utter impoverished conditions, we need them, better to be free than to be owned.

  2. Some liberals may say we can run the country but we can't, someone is always appointed, there needs to be order and control. When the people win and fail... Big Daddy will be waiting for you to come crying to him, the government is the last place you want your meal to come from!

  3. If He serves another term I will be shocked he is encouraging a people's reply that is turning over their lives and worshipping him because he is strongly appealing to people who need direction which would be the middle class since there are so many of them but the middle class don't realize that when he destroys capitalism, he will have us all in his hands