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Saturday, December 15, 2012

For The Children

For the Children of Newtown, Connecticut

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America, America... God Sheds His Tears On Thee

Question To America: (Land of the Free, Home of the brave, One nation under God.) So what if every American was Rich/Poor or Middle Class? How does that work exactly? How do we get there? (excluding Poor, of course. we want to help the poor-Nobody wants to be poor.) But How? How do we make the United States Fair to ALL Americans? Do You still want the Land of opportunity? Do you still want The Land of the Free? Do You still want "Under God?" Do you want to be Government run? Do You envision all of America as middle class Americans? Do You think We wont be a poor nation? Do You all want Americans to be 100% equal? Do you think We should all be rich? and how do you fore-see the Country running in this fashion? Do you know that if we were all rich it wouldn't work, If we were all middle class it would not work. think about it... and if we are not all rich, what are we middle class? Yes and how is that sustained? its NOT unless you can figure out a way. The middle class we become will define us POOR and reliant on the government to ration out evenly. If we were all poor the Government will own us period. Sounds lovely and lazy but the truth is... You have seen nothing until the government cannot afford no longer to take care of its people. I want the right to the American Dream. whats the sense of more money for college when the graduates are unknowingly simply aspiring to work in a clothing factory in the end. So what is the position of Our American Freedom? Our American land of opportunity? Do you see where America is going? Its being threatened to be ruled. 2 choices narrowed down to 1. we cannot all be rich- so we will all be poor, because there is no way we can all be middle class... So what remedy do you all want and wish for from the President? He will have no choice but to make us all stand in line for water and bread and all money will be the governments to afford us this luxury. Again, God Bless America. Foretold, was a story thats unfolding everyday and you all call it a fairy tale written by mere men and you believe that because you are without faith thats the excuse to dismiss what was written in what believer's call the Bible! > Hey America the fairy tale is coming true.... and what is has nothing to do with science, but the fairy tale you call it. woe to you who don't believe. start reading and believing in fairy tales because you will need to see reality soon before its too late. Science cannot save you from what is to come and what is unfolding before your eyes. ~Angel Cher In the world that Obama voters and Socialists would like to see to make our world perfect... an idealist view that is stemmed from emotion and no sense of consequences of such perfection. WHAT IF IN ATTEMPT TO PERFECT AMERICA IT FAILS: WHAT IF Everyone works and gives all Our money to the government. Sell your homes and all your worldly possessions, Give that also to the Government. Own nothing. Now ask (Yourself) and the government how they will ration out existing homes and needs and to build homes for the worlds poor. We all get free Health care. great, lets not forget to be generous to the 3rd world countries and our allies. ask the government to ration out meals - we can get it delivered by Peapod (no joke). Gas can be rationed, there will be no vacations. we can work but wages must go to government. If we don't make enough money because we are working for wages that are below the minimum because the government needs the corporations money too and NOBODY CARES anymore. Is that the kind of world You want for a once free United States Of America? How will we Unite? Why would we care? will selfishness and human temptation still exist, How will that be controlled? Will we be in Civil Wars? How will that be controlled? Will people die waiting on lines for medical care? How will that be controlled. will marital law come into play? and why would they care to enforce, why would they fight for our vulnerable Country filled with a meaningless existence. There is no incentive or benefit to any single American at all to have integrity or even care about the consequences. THIS WOULD NO LONGER BE CALLED AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE OR ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


End Of The Trail


Monday, October 22, 2012

In Search

In Search

When you seek me and If I am somewhere else,
Just know I go out exploring
all that is true.
I go in search of my life and how it will be without me.
I go, but my heart is with you and the memories
are locked within. The ones we shared are your's,
But are also
mine to keep.
I didn't lose
you, I lost me... but only until the day I search for will you find me, deep inside where I safely kept you on the day my soul is free.

~Angel Cher

Written for victims of strokes, alzheimer's,
Paralysation and any memory conditions.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

No Hard Feelings

The passion and significance of a disturbing or painful issue is
often the first thing to entirely become meaningless. So when I say "No hard feelings." It is transformed into a very honest statement.

But sometimes I do have to say: "No hard feelings, but "F-U! and heres a dose of your own.
It is just and still an honest statement.

"The passion is forgotten, but the righteousness of an issue is not."

~Angel Cher

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Scary Truth About Deeds

The scary truth people will shun is: that either we profess faith and do no deeds or we do deeds but profess no faith. but a faithless deed is based only on self. so instead we that believe will pray for You. We that don't will do for You. But the faithful have shorted themselves and the unfaithful know no other reason they do but themselves. it simply equates to we the faithful and faithless have the wrong reasons at heart. For our spriritual beings in this physical world have no clue. So are we failing the test of time? Yes. The amazing part is people do and give but for the wrong reasons... If you give without God then you are giving for you and not for the <3 of God... That goes for the president, congress, the teachers right down to parents, family and friends. If their reason isn't God, what reason is it actually for? What good are deeds of the faithless? deeds that are pure because one knows they will please God. Not deeds attached with an I Owe You. Those deeds are then only for self gratification.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Talk: Change Votes and Evangelize - convert the faithless.

Don't let people decide based on ignorance! It's Your duty both God-given and to those fighting for Our freedom. Don't be cowards... go out and speak your views politely and leave them with thought to evaluate their own views. There are many people who have no clue and base their views on someone else, but passing the buck to obtain a voice is not going to help the nation in trouble that is today quickly losing hope and faith and the American Dream. Help to let people see the light. If You have a view share it... don't let arrogance rule. YOU alone may be the one who finds someone's faith, hope and dream. YOU alone may be the one who helps someone vote in an election for presidency by knowledge of the heart of all matters at stake. YOU DO HAVE A VOICE- NOW STEP UP TO PLATE... FEAR NOT.

Fear NOT with Political and Religious Views- Don't be cowards.

The misfortune created in the USA is man made and is this: "People have great fear to speak about political or religious views. so they don't. but, you never know who you can enlighten and how they may vote and you never know who You can evangelize for conversion of faith." we just shut up and run the other way because controversy may cause a fight- doesn't have to be this way. - just say what you feel and stop attacking people for not understanding- let them go home, you planted your seed politely. the end. Election debates are the same way. say what you feel without being evil about it. Those who understand will go home pondering and weighing their own views. The LOST can't be found anyway... let it go! ~Angel Cher

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI ends Cuba visit with prayer that island be “house for all’’ - Cuba -

Beautiful Message Pope Benedict XVI ends Cuba visit with prayer that island be “house for all’’ - Cuba -


"The reason I am beautiful
Is not because of my eyes; glasses hide them.
Not because of my hair; it's dyed.
Not because of my teeth; they are implants.
Not because of my waistline; I have a belly.
Not because
I have no scars; I Do.
Not because I know everything; I don't.
Not because I never make a mistake; I always make them.
The reason that I am beautiful is because right, wrong or indifferent, My heart is TRUE and there is no beauty that the eye can see which is greater."
              ~Angel Cher


Sunday, March 25, 2012

What Is Miraculous

"Inspiration is the souls journey to what is miraculous, A life divine." ~ Angel Cher

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reduce the Number of Your Name... Find Out some of it Symbolisms

for My married name - the number is 1341 which comically reduces to 9

(private joke, I had a Psychic call me one day (?) turns out She was a tenant calling to pay her rent,
and say: "the number 9 is all around YOUR life surrounding") You she said more...

So when the number came up again on a resolved and peaceful day when something really important took place...
I looked at the date and said - what is up with this darn number LOL!!!
I don't subscribe, but ironically she was right so many times and now again in my name.

and for my whole name including my confirmation name
is 2732 which reduces to 14 which reduces to 5 - So ...5

So when You go here it tells you the symbolism of the number your name was reduced to.

It is interesting, If you read the bible or read the horoscopes for fun!
I Do because Ironically and strangely enough some things the horoscopes get right only
by coincidence! LOL :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jesus Christ -2nd coming

Jesus Christ
(2nd Coming)

J= Jesus'
E= existence
S= spiritually
U= unifies
S= Souls

C= Common (Catholic or Christian)
H= hearts
R= rise
I= in
S= sacred
T= time

Angel Cher

Question on existence


If nothing exists beyond the natural universe ... If scientists by study have all the answers to creation... If we are just protons, neutrons and electrons (well, with the exceptional morons)~
Then why wont the scientists create an atmosphere of moral efficiency so that there is no need for evil in this world.

After all, They are smart atoms, neutrons and electrons:

Wrongdoing = guilt, forgiveness, apologies
Pain = prayer, support, friends and family
suffering and death of a loved one = helplessness, prayer (but to whom or what?)
A life = means nothing when it dies and ceases to exist for all eternity.

(Why have a heart that cares, cries, mourns, grieves and is lost without their loved one- But, oh a heart does'nt have feelings... its just a tiny pump in your chest to sustain life, but since we are soul-less where is that feeling coming from? that tremendous pain? since nothing can be supernatural in the atheists world... where do we get feelings from of pain, anger, laughter, fear, anxiety, mourning, love, desire, and even dreams?)
Smart little atoms, neutrons and electrons!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012



BY Cheryl E. (Angel Cher_)Thursday, January 26, 2012

The term write-off describes a reduction in recognized value. In accounting terminology, it refers to recognition of the reduced or zero value of an asset.

Q.. what can replace a reduction in recognized value and the recognition of the reduced or zero value of an asset.


1. We present all of our income initially
2. we THEN claim deductions for expenses paid out of it, losses, and bills etc.

"hmmm how bout if we standardly deduct period, present it, pay it at appropriate percentages and do away with all the red tape, skimming and cheating and if we cheat any further its on our own self's since we cannot claim anything more than a percentage!"

top most common deductions:
#1. we know property tax
#2. school and other employee taxes
#3. House sales/loans/depreciation/capital-gains
#4. Business write-offs (class by themselves.)
#5. Debts and Loans- mortgages/schooling
(answer dont take out loans (haha, fasicous)
#6 excise tax, should not EVEN exist.


Lets take the top most common tax deductions:
so how to change reporting: to make it easier-

all values reported are on the whole, write-offs are written on the reduced value or zero value of the whole reported.

base taxes only on: the whole
Problem#1 is that big corps and millionaires can claim many many write-offs reducing all income or gain to next to zero- now they owe nothing to the IRS
Middle class get homestead rebates, credits, write-offs, dependants etc on the whole and now they owe nothing to the IRS and made a couple hundred return on payment sent forth to IRS.

So the IRS doesnt collect nothing on a $30,000.00 salary per yr OR on a $300,000.00 to plus over millions in an income per year.

SO now even though it looks like they are collecting a whole lot like trillions, they are not even collecting as much as if they even charged 10% per person per income rich or poor straight up with no deductions and no rebates allowed.

goes without saying they should automatically configure the homeowners property taxes, that should be a standard.
sure they need to know all particulars of house and value and taxes, loans, gifts, capital gains etc..

"Why Not start paying 30% to Tax (all Americans rich or poor) allow a cap up to 10% in write-offs (or a sliding scale based on income from 5%-10% period.
~ and Mr. IRS make your job easier :) ... close eyes and mouth to further inquiry - who cares what they are = (Dont ask- Dont-tell policy) and revenue would still be ahead of the game, People should not acquire loans or losses over 10% in a year- If they do they are risking to much loss they are not going to be able to claim. OR they are not going to be able to PAY Off... Stay within the budget- learn to budget! can people take craZy advantage of it... yes, yes ...but only If they wish to be responsible for it. It will be on them and not a loss to Taxable Revenue",,id=102886,00.html
income tax returns alone (source IRS.gov2009) 144,103,375 x 20% = 30,000,000.

ONE BILLION IS 1,000,000,000- according to the tax stats 2009
THERE WAS OVER 18,000,000 MILLION RETURNS BETWEEN $50 AND $70TH income according to IRS 2009
while there were all income categories lets go with this one
they collected 1.600,000,000. trillion after losses and write-offs/claims.
Census: There are 312,936,858 (313million) approx in the USA
there was only 140,494,127 M tax returns. (thats difference is the real amount of poor and children, elderly)
ALL RETURNS collected 140,494,127M and there was 7.6 trillion adjusted gross income less deficit, Salary and wages returns 116,668,680 and amount was 5.7Trillion
ABOUT 50% are individual income tax returns

forget 2009 for a moment and go to 2007 fiscal year.
since it is simple even though the enclosed number for 2009 on every income level is provided from IRS.Gov

SKIP to>>> wikipedia:

Fiscal yr 2007 total returns BEFORE REFUNDS
173,351,839 2,691,538,000,000

50% is individual tax returns, others are
employment tax
corporate income tax
excise tax
Estate tax
GIft Tax
yet the United States Treasury is owed $354 billion more than the amount the IRS collects

so lets use those numbers here, 40th must have been gift, excise, and estate tax and the sort.
so they collected about 2.9billion that year.
Is it not possible to make tax more easier and more efficient with less paperwork, employees, etc and still manage to satisfy the deficit?
possibly... If they can make the whole taxation process limited and easier.
but for that we need to know the numbers on how many people had so many deductions and paid nearly nothing in taxes and how that effects the climbing deficit.
and how many had so many rebates, credits, capital gains, and deferred tax, generation skipping tax etc.
and then see what would happen if they taxed everyone at 30% of their income and allowed them 5% on people under $50,000. in income and 10% of that for over $50,000. in capped deductions allowable period.

run those numbers against all income levels, all returns collected and the whole amount collected based on Information for a given year and forensic evaluation of the above conditions of deductions/writeoffs Vs. rebates/refunds
and see if they replaced all that info with a more simplified application if it would bring in more revenue and what that revenue could cover now if so.
they need to simplify this for the sake of lowering spending especially within the IRS itself.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fact Check: Pastor Rick Warren Tweets ‘HALF of America pays NO taxes’

This would also be true: Fact Check: Pastor Rick Warren Tweets ‘HALF of America pays NO taxes’

Almost 1,500 Millionaires Don't Pay Income Tax

I also fully agree with this article: Almost 1,500 Millionaires Don't Pay Income Tax

MY WRITTEN PLAN, Addressing the State Of The Union Address.

My written plan to Address the State Of the Union Address:

The USA's biggest problem is the middle class and poor (No work, No Food)

1. Start with the government spending of course, FIx it!

2. The biggest corporations pay only 14% in taxes, which is less than millions of the middle class. not right, I agree.
They have too many loopholes currently -TRUE
(But currently to keep their corporations running without bankrupting them they need it as it stands.)
and currently we need their jobs and charities.
they dont need the bonuses to themselves etc, this is true.
NO BONUSES or capped lets say nothing over a placed limit!

3. (and most importantly) Everyone should be required big or little, rich or poor to pay a certain percentage in taxes period, no loopholes, no deductions, no accountants...
IDK lets say 25% everything else should
be our own losses-
after all healthcare resolution is already being implemented.
... the money gained in its truest form of taxation would cover the difference in healthcare for all, So we have to pay something -lets pay it.
Better that than to have the rest of our rights and life being taken over by the government.

Example: If you make $30,000 you pay $7,500.00 If you make $300,000.00 you pay $75,000.00 No deductions- take out the paperwork and expense and keep more money in the system, in this way the richest people would have paid in full their share for a more productive system that provides for us!
Cut out other fees.(Get rid of the woes of deductions and all the extra work and expense in its application.)

*Lets make it simple like Children!

EXAMPLE: When the first immigrants came they paid with a cow which we will call currency today for the purposes of evolution but it was fair law for owning your land.
Some churches ask tithings of 10% that was of our free will, if this worked how many poor in our community would be served- So lets do the same with taxation!

Answer: We dont want to be like the Soviet Union, Greece, Italy or Spain and we will too go bankrupt Just at a bigger and faster devestation, when you dont HAVE to do anything you are just lazy.

4. No further free schooling- we already pay thru grade 12, and guess what none of the schooling is free... stop calling it what it is NOT!

and greed is a BIG PROBLEM, nobody is happy with what they have- they want MORE!

The other thing is help those in need which most of us already do if we can... anyone in your circle that you have the means too.

The tax payers Pay for the food pantry- lets keep them since in any catastrophe
we are really only 9 meals away from a war.

As I said what do I know about Politics or how to change the world as we have come to far to revert back to where we were 50 plus years ago.
But I do know I dont want a dictatorship.

State of the Union Address


Obama's Statement:
"We can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well, while a growing number of Americans barely get by. Or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules."

MY REPLY: ALL IN ALL IT SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM STATEMENT... actually it is a dream but with consequences.
the way I see it He may as well say: Hey Rich give up anything you make over the middle class and share it with the middle class and the poor."
WELL THAT SOUNDS LIKE AN ULTIMATE DREAM RESOLUTION, But it cannot happen that way- not without ending the rich and corporations for good, leaving only a middle class and poor who could not survive other that at the ownership of a dictator to feed them bread, soup and water.
If He taxes the business's and corporations to high they will cut back they are barely making it, Many have gone bankrupt and closed their doors completely in this crisis. when they collapse

His Statement Is what the Americans want to hear: Why? because everyone wants to hear you are free and we are going to fix this so we are all equal. This would be wrong to do. I guess I realize I am more republican.
if business makes a profit they will be able to employ others (That is and always was a fact) when the only big man left standing is the government, who do you think will control the country?? but taxing right now is going to cut out jobs. has to businesses are having a hard time getting by along with everyone since the economic crisis.

Truth: We should be helping the rich and the corporations, we should be grateful to them they feed many of our people!! free... and not online for bread or welfare.

ask those on welfare how they feel?? just ask!!! they barely get by- picture a world where the whole United State is on Welfare because nobody can employ anyone!! not a good free world anymore!

NO they should not pay less than the middle class on taxes and those under $250,000.00 should not be taxed higher.

As well as its true that 14% is the rate wealthy pay in taxes being less than most of the middle class,
how to build a middle class?

"I say reduce everyones taxes and cut out some extravagant free programs where the tax paid is funneled instead of where it belongs to help the people, especially the ones working for a living because half the people who we afforded schooling have change thier direction so many times that they cannot start working because they want cake jobs, but all jobs are not cake jobs and they are waisting time and money changing their career choices while spending free time in school they can later not pay for.
we need to cut programs - not tax anyone anymore, not even the rich and leave the tax breaks so the businesses can survive who give the middle class jobs and charity. We need to not bankrupt the USA and maintain our freedom to help one another the way we have been only with less tax and correct applications of it.

the rich do pay for the poor, they also make this country free. without them the middle class and poor would not survive and would be at the mercy of the government."

PLUS yes: ban insider trading from members of congress, no elected official should own stock
congress does its business wrong.

all judicial and public service recieve a vote within 90 days
executive branch needs to change, government needs to be quicker at responding to our needs

lraq seal team took with them to get bin laden some democrats, some republicans, dont matter
it was the mission that mattered not politics or itself.

they pulled together,

they trusted each other, this was true.

need for democrats and republicans to work together

1/4 of millionaires pay less in taxes than millions of the middle class.
do we want to keep these tax cuts for them or use it for schooling and so forth,
But OK dont help the rich or corporations - sooner or later they will be bankrupt too and we will rely soley on an Obama.

everyone gets a fair shot and plays by same rules OK

stop a tax height.

OK: temporary tax break on 2% of millionaires.

work hard and you can support your family- growing number barely gets by- everyone plays by same set of rules, He is basically saying: we should all be equal, once we get there- we will become dependants of the government,
He knocks the business's then says they created so many jobs!! but lets tax them!! and make them equal, if we do make them equal, they will not have jobs for us!we sure will be equal. there will be no incentive or ability for them to further employ.

1st time in 9 years no americans fighting in IraQ Bin Laden not a threat! YAY.
good job.

all presidents have done some good and some bad if not they would be in trouble by the people.

But Obama is wrong about his opinion on the rich and the corporations and his idealistic ways of making us all equal- sure but the consequences of equality is no incentive, laziness and no hope.


students that are not american citizens, we need to make them legal immigrants,
wrong thing to do, He is double talking in the respect that he wants to make them legal but till then we are at the border, but He fails to see that they will always go home blood is richer than money.

OK: create jobs with Oil and gas in our country

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If the rich were gone?

I read a couple of phrases that stood out to me regarding the political agendas here.

1. The Obama plans: with all this rich stuff and taxes-

"What it will ‘start’ is discouraging capital from coming back into this country, further eroding our chances for job start-ups. And, any more revenue gleaned from over taxation of ‘rich’ people will be nullified by an over-all decrease in taxable revenues."

2. This which I really felt in sync with:
" Because the American people don’t want to be told that they’re going to have to sacrifice to fix our problems, they’d rather be told they can all be solved on the back of that awful entity “the rich.” Until we get beyond that, we’re not going to accomplish anything."

My thoughts are:

Seems the goal would be that we no longer want people who are corporations or rich to live in a civilization with the poor and middle class - if that were occomplished we may just let Obama run dictatorship and all get handed what they feel we deserve. I was poor, ate canned food while I raised an infant, worked waitressing double shifts on the week-ends, couldn't pay rent, cleaned my landlords home to cover some of my rent - yes I was in the dumps and sad and felt what kind of life will my child have... But I will tell you, I wasn't proud to be on welfare and thanks to car insurance , no-fault my back surgery money needed instead paid off welfare!
But I would rather work an honest dollar than ever have the government in any capacity give me a hand out- I certainly wouldn't advocate for a world without the rich who balance the economy on some measure and supply jobs and just hand over control to let's say Obama... Since the earliest days of our civilization there have been kings, land-owners, heirs to the wealthy and unfortunatelythere have been the poor as well. The only change without mass destruction would be a country run by dictatorship - the middle roads won't work.
It's true we would not want to hear that we need to sacrifice to restore this land of opportunity strucken with grief, poverty and hardship. 
But nobody should be anti rich, if the rich all left today... Where would that leave the poor and the middle class?
With nothing not even a job and nowhere to turn but to the ownership of the government, a cold place with no opportunity but to wake up and take your bread and water.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

#1 Top Hit On The Day I Was Born

The Good thing about this is it was always a favorite song!! and then I Got You Babe came out and I loved that one too!1

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Second Coming, messages

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