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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why I'm Sorry Fails

"Allowing the initially hurt person to forget their feelings of pain and instead become responsible for the hurtful reactions they had- and having that same person have a big enough heart to care to reconcile - something is still missing, Its called LOVE, and its dying because the same person who initiated the pain is always the one who is being asked forgiveness, not always the one who cared to apologize at all. So I am sorry for my words or actions that offended you, that is what I am responsible for, because I care about not causing others pain."

Before it didn't matter to reconcile something for the heck of it not destroying YOU there was someone feeling pain and instead you accused them, never seeing the pain you caused them, they felt betrayed and uncared for, they felt they had nothing, but you only cared to further hurt them, WHY do people not see pain and instead accuse the person of hatred? get them all upset, get them to the point of saying things they never wanted to say and then hold that person so liable for causing them pain that they shut them out and NEVER ever apologize for the initial pain they really unmistakingly caused them, then it all becomes fake, the person attacked in the heart apologizes and all the pain still sits inside goes unreconciled and they live with the fact it never mattered to the other person at all. Its so sad. Truth is the only way a victim of pain can go on now as a result is to apologize to a person who hurt them so bad... most often only because those who believe in God saw Jesus destroyed by people that just didn't care and He forgave everyone of them and never asked them "Why don't you love Me?" didn't matter if they did, He loved them and thats what mattered to God. Its for God, not man that we forgive, even when we are not even asked for an apology, and that we apologize even when they are not sorry. In a better world that we just don't live in, maybe people can just stop causing pain for no other reason than carelessness.

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