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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Vessel For Our Lord

"Our life should Be a Vessel (through which Our Lord is seen)
and not seek itself"

... A Vessel through which Our Lord Jesus is vindicated and glorified, not that which seeks it's own vindication or pride, in this way we can say all that we do is for the love of God so nothing we are too proud to do is above us, but do it int the name of Our Lord Jesus because all that is done in the name of our Lord is bigger than pride, Its to rise above the things of this world and to let Christ live through You.

"My Possessions are not my own, I give to You the possessions of Our Lord,
My heart, My money, My gifts, they all are from My Lord Jesus Christ."
Our Lord will come like a thief in the night when He does I want
to be able to say to Him "I gave away all the gifts You gave me, My Lord and Savour."

Our master Said: "Because You were Faithful in small matters, I will give You big responsibility" and You will share in the master's joy.

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