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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


In One Second

Our lives can change in a second,
sometimes theres no warning
and you don't even know
when its coming

Do all you can to live out your
passions and your dreams
Give all you can give
Love all you can love
Smile all the smiles inside

Run with the winds as long as you can
chase all that is good and pure
love your children
they will need your love to carry on

Give all praise and glory to God
because when your life
changes forever in that one second
you will need his hand for comfort
love Him because you will need
him at a time you know not when.

You may need Him because a child is
A parent is dying
you may need him because you
were diagnosed with a terminal
But when all on earth is said and done
He is the only and final one.

Love with all your heart
because in one second,
a loved one could be gone

~ AC

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