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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Does God Exist? By Angel Cher

Does God Exist
By Angel Cher

Look at your soul...

do you know it well?
Do you expect it to die when you leave this world?
How can it ever die(?) It knows boundless depths, it knows truths, love, intuition, fear, morality, righteousness- some souls here know and have felt Gods light and peace from near death. The soul  knows a universe man hasn't seen yet and knows it well. The soul knows before and after, it knows infinity. The soul has insight. If there's one proof to connect all to God, I believe it's your soul, if you try to reach it you will see it's so much bigger than you!

Where did the soul come from?
I believe the soul is a part of God and the part of us that connect us to Him, to eachother, to creation, to life, to Heaven, the universe and to infinity.

Does your soul know these things?
Mine does.

Does God Exist?
Has a scientist yet proven where the soul comes from, the one creation greater than flesh and bone that can live infinitely and walk boundlessly knowing more than it's mind has yet to discover.

I won't accept some scientific DNA of a soul given to us by God, respecting also that scientists were not made to disqualify God but were made of God as we were for such things God did want us to speculate and to prove to us there may be scientific reasons for many things and medically it has bettered the quality of life  but it know way can it disprove 2 things:

1.God does Exist.
2. The soul is of God and there is no scientific explanation to say that it is not from God... Just as creation was from God.

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