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Friday, July 29, 2011

The United States of Profanity

The United States Of Profanity
Ok now time for some enlightment I have been around 46 years-
I'm puzzled, where did the slang phrases develop like
"I dont give a shit?" : thats good- who would want your shit? I flush my own. dickhead? who actually named the penis this?
and "fuck-me" why would you ask just anyone
to? (same with "F-You") really now!!!
There is not much profanity that makes any accurate defined response at all.
Haha was bored, watching this kid on TV say "I dont give a shit" and all this profanity so acceptable as the english language LMAO
not even rolling on the floor laughing my ass off, literally could that happen? No. Haha we are just silly people!!!
MF'er is a real bad one, If Mama only knew how many from animals to people were one of them - She would lock herself in the closet. its just the irony of all profanity- But its sad they instill it in the childrens dictionary for when the next generation president starts saying these things in love and war we will have entered into a level of America the great- America the ignorant.

By Angel Cher

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