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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hurt Vs Hate

I know this is not wildlife, Sorry-

This is a thought I had today of
the word hate and how Hurt vs Hate, How Hurt can Be fixed and hate cannot be- and How bad the word hate is.

too often I hear people use the word hate every time they are hurt.

Why because it is a most painful word.
I have heard Children say it to their parents, parents say it to their children.

I would like to use real life philosophy on these terms so freely used.

"It is hurt people that hurt people NOT hate people- people who hate are violent people!"

for instance...A Child was told they were hateful when they said bad things to the Parent.

I feel that when a child is hurt they will hurt you, but that is not hate it is hurt.

A Child that cannot hurt or hate anymore will just forget you
and become numb - they will neither hurt or hate, they simply dont want to feel anymore at all.

hurt is usually associated with an emotional reaction, whereas hate is usually associated with a physical reaction.

A Child that says they hate You will hurt You, but usually it is because You have hurt them somehow~ that is an emotional hurt most associated with hurt not hate.

A Child who shoots his parents usually hates not hurts, it goes way beyond hurt and way beyond numb, this is a physical reaction most associated with hate not hurt.(and a mentally destraught person with a vengeance, nonetheless there is hate.) Hurt brings tears/ hate brings violence.

So when you tell someone they hate you, you are wrong- they hurt you- usually because you have hurt them.
when you are family and you tell your child they hate you,
think what you have done that has hurt them.

And instead of saying hate, try to find out why You dont love them or didnt love them and love them so you dont hurt them and they dont hurt you.

but stop using the word hate.

And Like the word love it is thrown around wrongly.

Love is being there, Its not something You just tell someone-
It is something You show and Do- not just something You say.

But neither hurt or hate is Love-
SO dont do either, and if you do hurt someone You should
forgive instead of calling the hateful.

If You choose to call them hateful over forgiving them, You choose not to love them... maybe because you are hurt too,
But thats hurt again, not hate.

Saying hate means you cant love, hurting means just that you are hurting and hurting someone means they have hurt you, doesnt mean you hate them.

Hate can be a painful word, hate can remove love. hurt can forgive and still love.

So choose your words wisely.

If sone says I hate what you did - Ok
But it one says you are hateful- not OK.

If they say you are hateful, they are telling you
they hate you.
If they tell you I hate what you did-
they are saying that thing you did really hurt them.

Because if someone says I am hateful, I wont forgive them.
but if they say I hate what you did- I know it hurt them.

hate directed at a person is an attack on the person's heart and soul.
hate directed at an action, well the action has no feeling
and cannot really feel the pain of the word.

the truth is simple:

hurt People` will hurt people, not hate people.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Friends - Who will be there when You have nothing left to give?

Some friends take nothing and love You anyway
Some take heart and soul and anything they can
But I am certain when I have nothing left to give
God will introduce Me to and I will count on one hand
The ones He meant to give.