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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Red Fox Kit- Where I Belong

Red Fox Kit- Where I Belong Mov.
© Angel Cher’s Wildlife Photography 2010

The Red Kits of Bombay Hook NWR
I loved the summer I met these precious and beautiful animals.
I learned they need to be safe in their environment and that they are a rare and special animal- So incredibly beautiful. They need to be kept safe in the Refuges and not spoiled by man - So that they may live in the wild and prosper on this earth.
If You see one they will captivate You beyond words. Let's do all that we can to be sure they strive in the wild- The earth would surely be missing a treasure if man endangered them.
Track with Even Wolves Dream by Anthony Miles. – The story so far= 3:13 Allowed by You Tube

I did love the way I had Bryan Adams "This Is Where I Belong" on it- but copyright laws prohibit it.


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