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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Funeral Service Scheduled For Trooper Marc K Castellano

Funeral Service Scheduled For Trooper Marc K Castellano

Marc left behind a wife and two children.

"My Condolences and Prayers to Marc's Family and Fellow Officers.

I am So sorry to Marc's Wife and Children and His Family, friends and fellow officers.

For the People that feel to talk about the problems in Law enforcement at such a SAD time, Shame on YOU.

I dont know Marc, But I know He had to be a Most Honorable Man, A scholarship to the PBA, A wife and 2 Children, a devotion and dedication in His Duty... He deserved to Live a Long, Long Time.
He served honorably. Im sorry His life was cut So short and He wont get to see His Children grow up.

There is NO COMPLAINT that should be aired at this very sad time.

May God Be With All Who Loved Marc. Amen."

Angel Cher

I posted the above on the Trentonian Blog.
I cant believe at such a sad time
People would choose to debate
Law Enforcement.

Still While knowing the horrible death He had to have... they posted
negative remarks of the Police Officers.
This is the fact He died a Horrible death. His Children have a Father,
His Wife wont have a Husband.

(Castellano passed away at Jersey Shore Hospital. He had been on life support for more than six hours. He’d lost his legs in the horrible accident, and Gov. Chris Christie, who learned of the tragedy during a luncheon in Mahwah, asked attendees to pray for the trooper.) source: Trentonian Paper.

This Photo and services were on APP, and taken by NJSP

Screen shot 2010-06-09 at 4.49.23 PM

I am saddened by the comments on the Trentonian Blog

I am waiting to see if I know two of Marc's Family Members, though I havent seen them in
nearly 18 years. The obits not available yet.
But because He lived in My Town, My heart still goes out to His Family.
It hits home.

If I feel good I would like to go to the visitation Friday.

Uploaded by Angel Cher ♥ on 9 Jun 10, 5.59PM EDT.

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